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Criminalized Survival

by Dr. Ghost

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full length album from long beach melodic hardcore anarcho-punks dr. ghost


released April 16, 2019

All songs written, recorded, and mixed by Wesley Richards at Riot Ready Records
All songs mastered by Sam Whips Allison


all rights reserved



Dr. Ghost Long Beach, California

melodic hardcore anarcho-punk from long beach, ca

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Track Name: Birth of Our Nation
The birth of our nation was shot on a 12 reel
The modern aberration learned how to conceal
Hiding in plain sight
It's nothing new
Numbers keep rising

But we all see who you have chosen to lead you
The hate all of you agree to

More organized, disguise revised, decentralized
Recruit the weak, weed out the meek, and mobilize

The new face of hate
The new face of retreat, relapse to a place that never existed
Regress, rehash settled ground that you have twisted

The stewards of civility
Policing through hostility
A hindrance you slow down all progress
It's not just you this is all our mess
Leverage all that I have to stop you
Every last ounce of will to fight you

Everything to make you feel safe, for no reason
Everything to save you from pain, no fucking reason
Track Name: Victimize the Villain (A Killer Walks)
They rape and they murder, they take and they burglar- the innocent criminalized
They treat us like cattle with methods of battle- their violence is normalized
The villain victimized, the victim vilified
A tragedy that's twisted to justify

Through the threat of force the collective will
is to subjugate, compliant or be killed
We always stall, run to our sides
instead of fighting their attempts to divide

Denigrate the pure- a killer walks
Make excuses to ensure- a killer walks
The imbalance secure- a killer walks

Victimize- The Villain- Demonize- Innocence
Track Name: Chaos Neutral
Of my own death- counting each beat can't catch my breath
I can not sleep- nothing ever feels complete

An endless worthlessness, a life uncertain
Taking your place in line means giving up what gives you purpose

As the world grows I'm feeling like I'm shrinking
To fit into a mold of wishful thinking
I fucking hate seeing fake happy people
They see me as beneath them not as equal

I fought to keep everything at bay
Make it work for me another day
Stifle who I thought that I should be
Give it all up to finally have a seat

The isolation by design gets heavy
Day after day on a rewind choking me
I don't know how much longer I can keep this up
It would be so much easier to just give up

I thought of you, and how you've gone away
I've lost a few, but never lost your pain

I wish, no one had my name
So I, could finally end the pain
Track Name: Social Leverage
From the outside, everything you do with ease
reminds me of my shortcomings
my deception, my friend my disease
From the outside, there's more space to hide
you don't have to try surviving behind lies

I know, you owe- hatred to the past, stains that will outlast
I know, your soul- the hurt that you feel, is very fucking real

You've let you scars take over, not further we are closer
I won't give up on you, I won't give up for you
The weight above, from what you love, wins in the end

From the outside, trying to get a glimpse
of a life that won't exist
for an outcast, for a lost convict
From the outside, it's easy to retreat
hide behind belief, and something incomplete

When it hits I know that this will be it
Get me back on my feet, get me back to the street
When it hits I know that it will be there
always in the air, another nightmare

I let it walk on through today
Carry it with me everywhere
Track Name: Facing Death
Death is always waiting for you, every single day
always in the way, there's no escape
Police come knocking at your door, a gunmen in the store
a shooter at your school

Waking up in a combat zone, not safe in your home, a threat that's homegrown
State sanctioned force through violence, safety's the expense, equates to consent

Simply a man that holds your fate, blood thirsty with hate
a walking disgrace, no checks in place
They are human beings with flaws, and pain that they cause
is met with applause

Every single day another life is lost and you do nothing

It trickles down from the top, and endless stream that won't stop
Inspires fringe behavior, each loss of life your failure

Divide and conquer while we fight, by design

Fuck you for every gunshot, and the militant onslaught
Influences copycats, play with the toys they amass
Track Name: The Stain
Everything that Ive got again keeps falling short
From the beginning meant to fail with no support
We are well past the last resort
See through the attempts to distort

It's something that you just fell into
Not anything you build, just something you abuse
Stuck in poverty only here to serve
To fatten you wall because you think it's what you deserve
Get what you deserve

This is all of me
Everything you see

Your greed has built a worlds that's bleeding
A stain is the mark that you're leaving
We're left here to fix your mess
Pull us out of distress
Track Name: In Black
This is why I'm living here day to day
Isolated to keep everyone safe
Cancer to the harmony of the machine
Arms down line up for the the unseen

I thought I knew the person, that I would have to be
From dusk till dawn coercion, see how the leeches feed

I went with a purpose, ready for the burden
Looking for the ghost of a person determined
Out here all alone, fighting the unknown

I went walking there one day, but I need what it takes away
I will never have a name to defame
I won't know this life the same, poverty's pain

There's nothing out there for me, nothing to end the suffering
They got rid of the chance to climb
and left us all to die, we rot while everything floats to the top

I tried to pick up, the cost of living keeps rising
Stagnation's trapped me, in a prison of my own making

I'm dying right in front of you
Starvation's always cutting through
Not trying to get in the way
or interrupt anyone's day

It doesn't work for me, that life of thievery
I'm never going back, I'm perfect dressed in black
To win someone must lose, fuck over light the fuse
That life is not for me
Track Name: Bleeding Us Dry
Wasting time as the temperature keeps climbing
It doesn't look like anything's surviving
Wasting time while the levels are rising
Pay no attention because there's no use fighting

Bleed it dry
Nothing will survive

What's the bottom line, this time
What's the cost to hide, your crimes
Falling on our backs
Every dollar you make comes at our expense

Your excuse, our demands
Your profits, chain our hands
Willing to sacrifice everything for greed
Willing to put your wants above our needs

Fuck this shit and fuck you too
Fuck what you have put us through
Taken out from underneath our feet
Taken by force taken by deceit

Stockpile for today, short term
Watch it burn away, never learn
In the end it's us-
who pays back everything that you fucking take

What's gonna be the excuse this time
What's gonna be the official line
Feed us all lies while you turn a blind eye
Holding money over all of our lives
Our well being has no meaning, only fleeting
Bleeding us dry

When you go away
After your last days
We will all remain
Nothing will remain
Track Name: October Surprise
Nothing ever just looks the same
Nothing is who we all became
Another blank derivative
Nothing to push initiative

The tide keeps pushing at your back
Confusion leads you to attack
Turning around and back on track
Turned around you stop and fall back

I know that you don't want to have to stop and face
Anything that questions your place
I know that you would rather stay behind and wait
So nothing will change

It's something you were never shown
Never taught or learned at home
Write over history to lie and cheat your place at the throne
It's something you were never told, manipulate to intake to control
Conditioned to fight back, despite all that you lack

Nothing unchanged nothing remains
of the fairy tale that you claim
A made up world that comforts you,
reality keeps cutting through

The tide is turning all around
Bury your head into the ground
It's speeding up while you slow down
Afraid you'll sink alone and drown

Holding on to what never was, echoes repeated from above
Blindly take it all in, it's the new religion
Patience is wearing thin, we're ready to begin
Convalescence but you can't see, who is pulling the strings
Track Name: Contra Reboot
Groomed by the repetition, stewards of everyone

The contras have been replaced
They found new ways to displace
Sow the seeds of restlessness
A new soldier used to erase

Faceless united, destabilizing
Poisoning us all from the inside out

I know that this is not our fault, desperations breeds violence by default
I know the pain you feel is real, everything you can do to conceal

Deceptive opposition
Guerillas worshipping guns

This is a battlefield
Duck and cover to be safe
Fear the motivation
Nation under the gun
Track Name: Do Crime
Another crutch that makes me unable to stand
It starts so innocent but quickly out of hand
Something I know, on familiar ground
Up to shut down

I know that this is not ok
Maintain a level to delay
I know I'm throwing time away
Manage the sickness, this is not ok

Infection growing each day
A mercy sedation

Another crutch carried along just like a badge
Like being soaked in gasoline holding a match
Takes me to a place I've known all of my life
where i can always hide

Slowly bleed out, face down on the bathroom floor
Away from here, circle the drain from that life before
Desperation, fuels frustration
Do crime to stay alive

Looking through numbness for some pain
Something to hurt something to feel
Hoping today that it will rain
Tomorrow never has appeal

Mercy on me
So I can breath
So I can be
Mercy on me
Track Name: Riding It Out
Sometimes it all collides, we need somewhere to hide
Sometimes we all get lost, we all need help across

I know the frame, you know, you know mine too
I'll take the blame, for me, for me for you
You don't like change so you gave up, stuck in a rut
Nothing changes you just wake up, wake the fuck up

We all weather the storm
Rising waters flood the streets, we're out of time
Some of us are left to die, others rescued on our dime

Lets end the cycle, rides on your sacrifice
A downward spiral, it all comes at a price

We're not the same, I don't know, how you got here
Your path is your's, alone, life is severe
We can't be blind to the difference, of the framework
That lifts some but holds others down, holding us down

From in here it seems, like it's all the same
From in here it seems, outside is to blame

There are two worlds, that have the opposite set of rules
There are two worlds, different neighborhoods and different schools
Track Name: Sick With a Secret
Hearing you repeating the same thing
On display how someone else, showed you how to think

I'm not anything like you
I'm done including the few

This is the last time you'll have a chance
to wake up from your backwards romance

Indulge your weakness, protect your secret

I can't keep coming here with you
Conditioned compliance subdues

Oblivion does not buy you a pass
You fucking rat
Ignore the cost of your privileged path
A violent past
Track Name: Church of the West
I was living upside down, turned around and floating
Hiding in another drink, no sign of it slowing down

Under redwood I told you
That you are me and I do
Everything pushing you, pulling me, cuts in two
From nothing to know you, to be me, fighting through
We will bleed, we will need, when we fall
Pick me up, on your feet, stand tall

I was sitting upside down, turned around not watching
The fire that was chasing me, that chaos that was blocking you

Under redwood I told you
That you are me and I do
Everything pushing you, pulling me, cuts in two
From nothing to know you, to be me, fighting through
We will bleed, we will need, when we fall
Pick me up, on your feet, stand tall

To the end of it all, the first light to the last call
When all time strips away, side by side we decay

This nothing, big empty
Holding me down, choking the life from me
I looked for an escape, avoid any more pain
Not worth the price I paid, but it's all erased

The last light in the sky
The last night when I die
The end the beginning, nothing is finite
When it darkens tonight
When the light is too bright
The end the beginning, nothing is finite

Everything was upside down, and slowly turning on me
A vapid life, a shallow grave, the weight of hollow trappings

Under redwood I told you
That you are me and I do
Everything pushing you, pulling me, cuts in two
From nothing to know you, to be me, fighting through
We will bleed, we will need, when we fall
Pick me up, on your feet, stand tall

You are the light that burns the night

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